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Supply Intelligence PDF Print E-mail
Supply Intelligence empowers your staff to quickly and efficiently handle supply requests by consolidating into a single display all the relevant information from eAutomate, FM Audit, Print Tracker, UPS FedEx, OMD and internal notes.
Reduce Supply Expense
Reduce Labor Costs
Satisfy Customers

Knowledge is the key. Everything your staff needs to know with a single equipment # entry
One Screen, One Display. Everything!
Right now, all that information is there, but it is in multiple screens in different applications.

We bring it together for you
Meter Posting from Excel PDF Print E-mail

Even with automated meter posting applications such as FMAudit, there are often significant numbers of machines that do not post automatically. This app will post to OMD meter readings from Excel spreadsheets.

Whether your customers supply the spreadsheet, or you fill it in internally, It is much faster than individual entry.
Customer / Equipment Search PDF Print E-mail
Searching OMD for installed Equipment for a diversified customer can be challenging
For instance, try finding all the installed equipment for a large healthcare group. Some customers may be under physician's name, others under a clinic name, still others under names that pre-existed consolidation.

Our solution: a web based search form that lets you search OMD by name, phone or equipment ID to build a list of customers, and then shows or downloads the installed equipment.

Oracle EDI translator PDF Print E-mail

Our EDI X12 translator module connects the Oracle eCommerce Gateway to your EDI X12 customers and suppliers. Seamless handling of purchase orders (850), ship notices (855,856), invoices (810)

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